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On failing 7DRL

So I failed to finish my 7DRL game in time. Work, family responsibilites, blah blah. The real reason is of course that I didn't plan the poject properly. I'm disappointed but somewhat relieved too. My goal from the start was to make t

March 15, 2015

#7DRL Challenge, day 2

Progress today: Info bar on the bottom of the screen with health, inventory items, actions (look, rest, skip a turn, these don't work yet), gold and keys. Decided that the keys will work Gauntlet like, so unlocking a door will use up one key. (The funny thing is in my Gauntlet remake the keys don't work like that.) Working inventory. Picking, dr

March 8, 2015

#7DRL Challenge, day one

So I'm making a very classical roguelike dungeon crawler for the /DRL Challenge. I think I managed to get a very good start today, mostly because I could use map generation algorithm and some of the graphics form my earlier game Prim's Labyrinth. This is what I have so far: Procedural map generation. Prim's Labyrinth was using the Prim's Algori

March 7, 2015

Moving gamedev updates to Throwww

Okay, I'm officially had it with Tumblr, so I'm moving my PuzzleScript related updates here. You can find the earlier posts and links to my games from realtime_interval. Just registered for the 7DRL Challenge and I try to report my progres here if only I have the time.

March 7, 2015

Is throww working again?

January 2, 2015

The Essence of Gamification in Education

I'm throwing a workshop on gamification in education with a colleague of mine next Thursday. This a subject that I actually have very little eperience on, but one that I suspect is going to have some significance in my work in the future. I hereby offer to the public my work-in-process definition of what this subject ultimately boils down to: The goal of using gamification in education is

March 4, 2013

You're not responsible of your own happiness (and neither is anyone else)

I hear this sentence quite a lot nowadys: Everyone is reposible for their own happiness. In some sense it has a grain of truth it in. But mostly, it's just absolute bollocks. Where did this idea come from? The buddhist tradition and the Mindfullness movement that derives from it states that you should seek happiness not from external factors but from focusing on your inner life. You can't bas

March 3, 2013

Simple blogging alternatives

WordPress is nice, but really bloated. So what nice, simple alternatives do we have? This Throww is at least simple... Jekyll is simple too, but geeky at the same time, if that's somehow possible. Generally there seems to be a lot of blogging platforms built with Ruby. Almanac seems nice too. With [Telegram](https://teleg

January 16, 2013